Hello World.

Clojure + ClojureScript

This is an HTML file transformed into Clojure data structures, then modified based on app conditions. The source code for the initial static template lives at /templates/layout.html.

As part of the transformations done by Clojure, some CSS & JS files are inlined. They live at /css/imageAnimation.css & /js/externDependencies.js.

This project includes lein :aliases that allow for easy launching of REPLs connected to different environements. In the cloned project directory, run lein server to launch a REPL and a Compojure web server. Once launched, the server's defining code can be reevaluated with the following command:

(require 'sim-cljs.server :reload)

This allows for hotswapping functionality and routing. Running this command also slurps in updated versions of static resources, like this file.

The button below is bound with some ClojureScript code. Click it to see some animations on photos from my tumblr.